module Minitest::Spec::DSL::InstanceMethods

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Public Instance Methods

_(value = nil, &block) click to toggle source

Returns a value monad that has all of Expectations methods available to it.

Also aliased to value and expect for your aesthetic pleasure:

     _(1 + 1).must_equal 2
 value(1 + 1).must_equal 2
expect(1 + 1).must_equal 2

This method of expectation-based testing is preferable to straight-expectation methods (on Object) because it stores its test context, bypassing our hacky use of thread-local variables.

At some point, the methods on Object will be deprecated and then removed.

# File lib/minitest/spec.rb, line 304
def _ value = nil, &block block || value, self
Also aliased as: value, expect
expect(value = nil, &block)
Alias for: _
value(value = nil, &block)
Alias for: _