class Rake::FileList

A FileList is essentially an array with a few helper methods defined to make file manipulation a bit easier.

FileLists are lazy. When given a list of glob patterns for possible files to be included in the file list, instead of searching the file structures to find the files, a FileList holds the pattern for latter use.

This allows us to define a number of FileList to match any number of files, but only search out the actual files when then FileList itself is actually used. The key is that the first time an element of the FileList/Array is requested, the pending patterns are resolved into a real list of file names.



List of array methods (that are not in Object) that need to be delegated.


List of additional methods that must be delegated.


List of methods that should not be delegated here (we define special versions of them explicitly below).


List of delegated methods that return new array values which need wrapping.